TC Unlimited Inc. was created by a group of executives who believed in a better way of doing business through innovative designs, the use of new and exciting materials, and the integration of different products into new concepts. The combined 40+ years of experience in management, design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics helped us develop a structured business foundation that allows for organization and growth in an ever-changing world.



Infinity Outdoors offer innovative products which are designed for the luxury living lifestyle. Infinity Outdoors strive to provide superior crafted products with the utmost care in manufacturing, commitment to timely delivery and excellent customer service.

Eacon Sauna's infrared sauna line up has long been recognized as a trend setter with a reputation of quality and excellence. Eacon Saunas are proud of their advanced concepts and reputation for high end quality productst at affordable prices. Special designs and distinguished functions make the saunas of Eacon different from all other products of its kind.

Enjoy the pleasures of the Elite range of steam showers and steam shower baths in your own home. The steam shower units are fully loaded steam shower enclosures. We are confident that you will indulge in a state of complete relaxation and tranquillity with all the features the steam shower and steam shower baths have to offer.